Thursday, March 29, 2012

500 Fans!

Thank you all! We reached 500 fans on Facebook!
Our felted hats are now on sale for $25, child hats are only $15.
Free shipping on all U.S. orders!
We accept paypal!

To place an order e-mail Laura at or call(503) 270-8033.

When placing an order please specify:
Size: child or adult
Color: all colors shown on the left
Style: Rolled brim, no brim, defined brim; and if you would like the matching fuzzy confetti yarn trim around the hat. Styles of our hats are shown on the right.

Please allow 10 days for delivery of your beautiful custom made hat!

Thank you!

Thursday, March 22, 2012

Place an Order With Us!

Our most popular item is our felted hats. They are made from high quality soft, comfortable, durable wool by Patons Classic Wool Yarn.

To place an order please e-mail us at:
with the following information:
1. Color you would like. Colors are shown on the right.
2. Size. Sizes of our hats are: Child: 15-18 inches in circumference and
Adult: 22-24 inches in circumference
3. Choose a style, rolled brim, defined brim or no brim, please take a look at our hat photos to the right to see our styles.

To see how to measure your head for size click here.

We ship with care anywhere in the U.S.A.


Child hats: $20
Adult hats: $30

We accept pay pal!


The felting technique: The reason we felt the hats is so the fibers are blended together which makes the hat toasty warm, soft and comfy. We begin by knitting the hat in quality 100% wool, knitting it larger than you would like it to be, which leaves room for the shrinkage (felting) process and then sending the hat gently through the washer in warm water shrinks the hat to the size we need. We then place the hat on a head form, which shapes the hat to the desired size. Child size hats are 15-18 inches in circumference, adults are are 22-24 inches. If you have a smaller or larger size you need just let us know and we can customized the hat to fit you and your child perfectly!
Measure the circumference of your head as follows: Measure just above top of ears. Wrap measuring tape gently around head making certain tape lies midway on your occipital bone (that little bump in the middle of the back of your head). Don't pull the tape too tightly or your hat will fit that tightly.
To place an order send us the size you would like and also choose the colors that you like for your hat, which are listed to the right of this blog post and e-mail us at

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